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Just another houseware company that relies on a broad product portfolio and mass sales?

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In today’s globalised economy, where just being a middleman shows a lack of entrepreneurial ambition and perspective, TEST has made the difference with strategic choices such as:

• Developing a corporate culture that answers “why not?” to every new idea or challenge.

• Highlighting creativity by designing products to give smart solutions to everyday household needs, focusing at the same time at the customers’ “feeling”.

• Supporting the launching of its own production unit for plastic products, creating new possibilities of cooperation with clients in Greece and abroad.

Today we stay focused on selected sectors and needs of the household, for which we offer a broad and fully-integrated portfolio of attractively priced products that stand out for their uniqueness, originality and, above all, functionality.

The product design

The strategic choice of the company, from its very first steps, has been the product design, aiming at differentiating from the competition and creating the conditions for further growth.

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For TEST, the word ‘product’ does not just refer to an object – it represents an entire philosophy. Each new product is thoroughly designed to the last detail by our creative team, which consists of five executives and three external associates who have been working together for the last 15 years.

The coordinated effort of this team is what gives us now, in this difficult period of the financial crisis we are facing, the luxury of not having to permute the design costs into the prices of our products and of being able to achieve the best possible production costs at any given time, especially since July 2013, when our new production unit for plastic products set off.

TEST’s creative team is also responsible for the final selection and standardization of the products, which begins with the ideal design of our own moulds and continues through to the choice of country of manufacture. Maintaining stable and long-term partnerships in Greece and China, we choose the country of manufacture on the basis of transportation costs, the technology required, and various other factors, to guarantee the best possible price.

Therefore, only during the last three years, TEST has designed and manufactured more than 50 products that combine a modern look with the most competitive prices!

Manufacturing products

TEST’s production unit for plastic products started its operation in July 2013.

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In our new facilities we operate our 2 injection machines of 118 & 268 tones, having already invested in a third one, for larger moulds, while our goal -for the next 2 years- is to add 4 more machines.

Our primary objective is to constantly invest in new products with private moulds (During 2014 we have received 15 new moulds while we have planned for 18 new moulds to be produced during 2015).

All material and color used for the production have all the necessary certificates according to the European manufacturing code.

Building an image

Product packaging and labeling are vitally important for TEST and one of the main reasons why customers prefer our products.

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Our award-winning packaging add to the status of our products, while their fancy labeling informs about their uses and facilitate the choice.

Most of the company’s brand products have creative names that emphasize to the particular character of the label and give a unique identity to the product.

Our opening to the markets

Our primary concern in our collaborations is to listen to the needs of our clients and consequently meet the needs of their customers.

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We go beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship and become partners. For this reason we dare to innovate. We design products, we test products, we modify products, we open new markets:

That is how we came up with the brand “Tidy wardrobe – Back home”, that consists of anything a housewife needs twice a year when she packs and unpacks winter-summer clothes and vice versa. This effort to create this brand led to create a whole new unit at the super markets.

The “Fireplace in the City” followed in the same way.

Last but not least, our newborn ANNA quickly unlocked with her KEY our customers hearts, with smartly chosen presentations.

Our products display at the points of sale

At TEST, we carefully listen to our customers’ needs and strive to nurture strong and long lasting partnerships with them.

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That is why they see in us a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

It is this relationship that has led to a long series of successful activities to promote our products through excellent customer and trade marketing support.


TEST’s broad clientele is made up of well known brand names, with supermarket chains and department stores that sell house ware products.

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The company’s products are available in 3.000 retail outlets nationwide, representing more than 200 individual business customers.

At the same time, our products are promoted in Cyprus, Serbia, Skopja, Albania, France, Italy while we are ready to start cooperation with supermarket chains in Turkey and Romania.

TEST has established long-term and continually growing partnerships with most of its customers. This comes as a result from the excellent quality-price relation in our products, as well as the professional reliability and total service that we offer to our customers.